How can you save Instagram video clips and then transfer them to your iPhone as well as Android


You can save Instagram videos you upload to your account and download them to the device of your choice: iPhone as well as Android.

You can also add any Instagram video or reel to Collections.

The possibility exists to download Instagram videos with Inflact ( for example) or even record your entire screen to save them to.

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There are numerous ways to create videos on Instagram like a normal video posting in your own personal story, perhaps even on reels. If you'd like to save the Instagram video to download onto your smartphone , there are many ways to do it.

Instagram makes it simple downloading and saving your videos from your story. If you've recorded videos but you aren't able to locate an option on the menu with three dots to save the post directly to the camera roll. Instead, you have the option to save it in your Instagram Collections, or capture your screen in order to record the video and download it with an app that is a third-party.

Here's how you can archive and save Instagram videos for the iPhone and also an Android phone.

How do I Save Instagram videos to collections

It is possible to save Instagram reels and video posts inside the app to your collection.

Save Instagram video posts

Click on the flag icon in just below the bottom right corner on your screen you want to save.

Save the file to the collection folder.

Click the flag to save the post.

If you wish to organize your saved posts, click on the "Save for Collection" banner that appears above the icon of the flag, and then in the pop-up window, click on the "+" sign to create the New Collection.

Simply click on the "Save to Collection" banner to save the article to a specific Collection or to start a New Collection.

To view your saved collections, go to the profile sectionand click on the icon with three horizontal lines situated in the upper-right corner. After that, select "Saved" in addition to the icon for flags. It is possible to see every post you've saved.

Replays of Instagram videos are recommended to be saved

The flag symbol is located on the right-hand edge of the reel. You can also press the three dots at the bottom , and select "Save" within the window which pops up. This will place the reel into the default folder of Collections.

When you're at the bottom of a reel, click the "flag" icon, or the "three dots icon and then select "Save" from the menu that pops up.

How can you archive Instagram videos that you post to your account

You can save the Instagram image from your account and then save it to your smartphone:

1. Open Instagram.

2. If you have an article posted to the profile of yours then you're able to save the article in the Camera Roll. You can click the "Stories" bubble at the upper left corner of the screen to go to the present story.

Find your most recent story by tapping on the profile bubble, which is located in the top left-hand corner.

3. If you're able view the video or image from your story you wish to save, click the three dots icon found in the bottom-right side.

Simply click on"More" or the "More" icon located in the upper right corner.

4. On the menu that pops up box, click "Save."

Choose "Save" from the menu of options.

5. Select "Save Video" (or "Save Photo") to save just that video or image, or "Save Story" to save the entire story in one video.

Choose the method that you would like to save.

When you've finished the process You'll receive a prompt notification that the file was saved onto the camera roll of your device.

You can also modify your Instagram settings to ensure that the content you upload is automatically downloaded to your camera roll , or are stored in Instagram's archive. Instagram archive.

If you'd like to keep your account on Instagram You can keep these in Highlights that you can add to your profile.

How can I download Instagram videos with third-party applications

If you'd like to download and save the content of an Instagram video post reel, story, or it is possible to do this with the help of an app that comes from a third-party.

Download Instagram videos to Android

1. Download the app to download videos to Instagram from Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

2. Launch and open the Instagram application. If you're viewing the video that you want to save, click 3 dots located in the upper-right corner.

3. In the pop-up window, select "Copy Link." After that, open your Video Downloader app for Instagram application and copy the URL for the download.

YouTube videos that you can download to your iPhone

1. Download the app Blaze the Browser and File Manager on the App Store of Apple.

2. Start the Instagram application using your iPhone. When you're in the video you want to save, click"three dots,", then choose "Copy Link" in the menu that opens.

3. Copy the URL to The Blaze application, then choose download, and then choose an option for saving the file onto the camera roll.

How can you save Instagram videos by recording them on screen?

You may also record your phone's screen using iPhone as well as Android to save the Instagram video.

If you own one of the iPhone you can record your screen with Control Center. Control Center. If you're using Android 11, you can record your screen by going into the Quick Settings list.

If you're running an Android which is older than Android 11 Screen recording is only accessible via an app that is a third party, like AZ Screen Recorder.

Important note: If you download the Instagram video to later share it make sure that you give the account who originally uploaded it with the appropriate credit. This is a bad idea, and could result in copyright infringement when you download a video of someone else and claim that it's yours.


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